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"Educating is an act of love, care, and freedom that enables the transformation of society and the flourishing of individuals."  Angela Davis

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About me

I am an educator, trainer, consultant, speaker, and agent of change, with a passion for social justice and education. I believe that by working in these areas, we can build fairer, more competent, and happier societies. I am dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to reach their potential and contribute to a better world.


I have a vision of a world where children and young people are guided to learn with confidence, security, and love.


My mission is to contribute to a happier and more meaningful learning process for children and young people, achieved through the personal and professional empowerment of educators, teachers, and parents, using the method of educating with love and consciousness.

  • Respect

  • Empathy

  • Compassion

  • Responsability

  • Passion

Image by Marissa Grootes
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