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I have qualifications specifically relevant to the area in which I work. I am qualified in Early Childhood Education by the London Metropolitan University, and in Sociology of Work with a specialisation in Human Resource Policies by the Institute of Social and Political Sciences of the Technical University of Lisbon. I also hold a post-graduate degree in Social Intervention for At-Risk Children and Youth from the University of Social Work of Lisbon.

Aside from the university level qualifications that I hold, I believe that it is fundamental to be continually up-dated in order deliver the best quality work. Below is a list of some workshops, short courses and seminars in which I have participated to ensure that I am at the forefront of knowledge in the areas I work in:


  • Reggio Emilia Pedagogy, Italy

  • The Role of the Arts in Education, New York

  • Questioning with Kath Murdock, Dubai

  • Learning through Concepts, Luanda

  • Pre-School Education, Miami

  • Principles of Mindfulness, Online

  • Foundations of Happiness at Work, Online

I have more than 15 years of experience in countries such as Portugal, England and Angola in the fields of education, training, and social intervention.

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