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Um dos principais objectivos é contribuir para projectos que tenham um impacto na vida das crianças e dos adultos à nossa volta. 


One of my main objectives is to contribute to projects that have a positive impact on the lives of children and adults around them.


Solidarity Garden

The Solidarity Garden is a project created by the Psychologist Jasmine da Silva with the objective in supporting the children of
Sister Domingas Orphanage with a weekly supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. The project aims to minimize some of the deficiencies caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals. This is a social responsibility project that I support with monthly contributions and suggestions.

Projects Currently Submitted to Government and Private Institutions

Social Transformation within Pre-School Education

  • Proposal submitted to Dr Muanda Mbiqui, National Director of Pre-

       School Education, Republic of Angola

  • Empowering Angolan Teachers Through Professional Development: An Initiative for Social Change
    Partnership with Luanda International School, Republic of Angola

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