What do other professionals have to say about me?
Here I present testimonials from co-workers, partners, customers and employees.

Working with Georgina Angelica was one of the best decisions CEPI has made to
capacitate our educators and develop pedagogical methodologies to better empower
our students. Her consultancy also helped to improve the communication in our
organization both vertically and horizontally. Excellent work, very attentive to detail
and very professional. We are thus at the beginning of a long-term and sustainable



Jaime Graça 

General Director of the International Private School Complex (CEPI) and

Director of the Education Segment at ABO Capital

I had the honour and the pleasure of working with this professional and kind-
hearted woman for five years at Luanda International School (LIS). In the four
years at which I worked in the Early Learning Centre at LIS (ELC), she was
one of the first teacher with whom I identified for her professionalism, love for
her work, dedication to students and the school, charm and fairness –
regardless of culture, race or even hierarchy (between Teachers and


From August 2017 to February 2018 we worked together in Year 1 classroom
of the Primary Years Program at LIS (PYP). As a teaching assistant to
Georgina, I was able to learn and develop my capacities and abilities. For
example, she showed me new ways of learning and teaching, and was always
willing to help me whenever necessary. She is an excellent professional and

an excellent person. 

Marlene Satuta 

Teaching Assistant at Luanda International School (Year 1)

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with Georgina for
four years at Luanda International School. I found Georgina to be caring,
thoughtful, principled and community-minded. She is deeply committed to
making a difference, in her capacity as a teacher, as a leader, and within the
community. She is a skilful communicator, and forges excellent relationships
with people from a wide range of backgrounds, both linguistic and cultural.
During the time we worked together, she was a valued and very much
respected colleague. Georgina’s professional background, first as a social
worker and then as a teacher of young children, has ensured that she has a
deep understanding of and an enduring interest in how children learn and
develop, and that she is committed to ensuring their well-being and


Kristina Hafseth

Early Years Coordinator, Tashkent International School

United Kingdom

Ms.Georgina is a supremely talented teacher. She is very hardworking,
enthusiastic, creative and always motivating. She genuinely loves and cares
for every child. She is truly an inspiration and leads with an example.

Leena Sangodkar
Mother of Aarav Lotlikar

Former student of Luanda International School (Angola)


I worked for several years with Georgina Angelica at Luanda International
school. She is one of the most collaborative teachers with whom I have had
the pleasure to work. She is caring, principled, and incredibly knowledgable
about the social-emotional and cognitive development of young children. She
gives her whole heart to her students and works diligently to form a bond with
each student and family. She is dedicated to educating and nurturing the

‘whole child’. 

Kristina Perkins, BA ECE
Early Years Educator 

Georgina's understanding of good Early Childhood practice and her ability to
lead a team in providing the best educational environment for her students
and their parents has meant that she is a sought after educator. Georgina
empowers parents, children and educators to work as a team on the learning
journey as well as being an advocate of the upskilling of teaching assistants to
ensure there is more support in the classroom for students. Georgina's
positive and powerful communication skills are evident when working with
children, parents or educators in engaging and challenging learning
opportunities. Having an up to date knowledge and understanding of
pedagogy and the dynamic ability to share her skills with others has made
Georgina a well regarded teacher, colleague and mentor. Any educational
institution would benefit from having Georgina Angelica support them in their
endeavours to provide the best education for their students. 

Catherine McMahon

Former Deputy Principal (Early Years) Luanda International School